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Hi Vermont business owner!

***PLEASE - entries should only be made by people who work directly for the business or own the business. Associations and Chambers are wonderful - but their adding businesses to this is leading to duplication - AND, perhaps not the link that would most help the business owner at this time. This is not an automated process on our end and we are working as quickly as possible to get everyone on who wants to be. Your attention to this is very appreciated!! Thank you.***

In this time of craziness, a few of us marketing-creative types have banded together to launch, where we will have a listing of all restaurants, retailers (with a physical storefront), farmers market vendors, and service providers in Vermont with links out to how to best help that individual business. While we expect that this site will evolve, right now we are trying to get as many businesses who have had to close their doors to the general public or alter their in-person services.

It's in an effort to have everything in one place that is free for the businesses and easy to navigate and figure out how to help... Vermonters want to do something and there are so many disjointed lists to search through right now. Let's get on the same page.
You will get a business listing to include:
- Business Name
- Up to two links out to your offering

The link is very important and is what will make the end-user (your customer!) experience better. The best buttons are: TAKE OUT, BUY, DONATE - a directive to have the customer DO something.

1. Your take-out / curbside menu/offering
2. Buy a gift card / shop online
3. Your GoFundMe – or other donation collection page

Please note that only links that lead to an action (Buy, Order, Donate) will be included at this time.

We are developing the site to be searchable by town, business type, etc.

PLEASE list a link that makes it easy for the customer... a direct link to the page with your offering is best. :)

If you think your business is not an ideal fit for this version of the site, we will likely be expanding the site. Complete this form ------->

Questions? Reach out to Nicole at

Wishing you all the best things... because we all need that right now.

Nicole Junas Ravlin
Brad Robertson
Ted Adler
...and the rest of the amazing team at
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