How To Guide Effectively–Peranakan Museum
This is a 7 hours PDC offered by trainer Iris Ang.

This Course hopes to close the gap between learning and applying the knowledge to present the information in the Museum, effectively, to their Guests so as to enhance the Tourists’ visit and experience. At the end of the course, the guide participant should be able to :

• apply effective Guiding Techniques in a tour commentary
• describe the Peranakan history, culture & customs and wedding rituals in a manner which engages
• identify the exhibits and use story-telling techniques to deliver the information
• professionally manage a group on a guided tour through Peranakan museum
• appropriately use the Vox audio to guide in a museum

How To Guide Effectively–Peranakan Museum (Course Code: CRS-N-0043872)
Course Registration Fee: $10 (Waiver for STGS Member)

Full Fee: $120 (Non Singaporean/Non PR to pay Full Fee)

Subsidized Course Fee for Singaporean/PR
1. Singaporean and PR 21 years old or above - $24 (Nett Fee)
2. Singaporean above 40 years old - $12 (Nett Fee)
3. Singaporean under the Workfare Training Support (WTS) Scheme* - $6 (Nett Fee)

Terms for Funding (Not Applicable to Non Singaporean / Non Singapore PR)
• Trainee MUST achieve at least 75% of the training hours
• Trainee MUST pass the assessments
• Trainee MUST provide their required information in below forms accurately. In the event information provided are incorrect resulting in STGS unable to claim, STGS reserve the rights to pursue the unclaimed amount from the trainee.
• Trainee MUST provide copy of their NRIC (front page) and WTS letter* (if applicable) to STGS for verification purpose
• Company sponsored Singaporean/PR (payment by companycheque or company bank) are eligible for absentee payroll **

Refund Policy
• No refund allowed 7 days prior to course start date
• Trainees who fail to show up during course start date without valid reason (taking last-minute job cannot be consider) shall not be allow to change date or PDC and amount paid shall be forfeited

Do note:
- Information & documents collected are meant for use for application of SSG funding & processing of STB PDC submission only.
- STGS reserved the rights to cancel, postpone or amend the date and time of the PDC delivery

For more information about SkillsFuture SG (SSG) funding please visit below website

* Visit Workfare Training Support (WTS) Scheme website for more information on what is WTS and if you qualify for WTS.

** Click on below link to know more about absentee payroll

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