SFF Book Bonanza - Social Booster (June)
An Amazon gift card giveaway to encourage readers to like your Facebook page or follow you on Twitter. Hosted by Dean F. Wilson on the SFF Book Bonanza website.

Select which social platform you want to boost. You cannot do both.

Sci-Fi and Fantasy authors only. No erotica.

Month-long promo. Limited to 10 slots.

You must have a mailing list to participate, and you must share the giveaway to your mailing list at some point during the month of the promo. You are also expected to plug it via social media. The more we push it, the better the results.

Giveaway will be hosted here (accompanying the BookBub Booster for maximum cross-promo effect):


Cost: $25 (which goes towards the cost of the prize and Facebook ads)

Send payment by PayPal to: deanfwilson@gmail.com (make sure you choose "Family & Friends" or PayPal takes a cut). If you prefer to pay by the "Goods & Services" option, send $30 to cover the PayPal fee. Payment in US dollars $ only please.

Put your Author Name and the name of the promo in the PayPal payment description to make it easier to link your payment to you.


For more info and future promos, join the Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sffpromos/

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