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Please complete the form to confirm your place in our 2018 CSA, prior to making your first/full payment.
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Payment Plan: I understand that both checks are due upon completion of this form, but will not be cashed until said due dates (1st: Upon signing up, 2nd: April 1st) PLEASE DATE CHECKS APPROPRIATELY. *
For more information, read under 'CSA details' on our website.
Member Agreement: I have read and understand the details of Kneehigh Farm’s 2019 CSA (refer to "Our CSA" tab on our website). I commit to support Kneehigh Farm’s growing season financially from June - November through the purchase of a CSA share. I realize that each season is unpredictable, and despite planning, dedication, and hard work, there are many naturally occurring variables (weather, pests, etc.) that could possibly affect my share. I agree to take part in the risks and rewards involved in regenerative farming. *
Forfeit Share: I understand that if I forfeit my share, it is my responsibility to find a replacement for the remaining weeks. I will notify my farmers of the replacement, and relay their contact information. Payment will not be refunded. *
If I am unable to pick up my share during the designated time, I will schedule for a friend or family member to do so. I UNDERSTAND THAT THE FARMERS WILL NOT SET MY SHARE ASIDE OR SAVE IT FOR PICK-UP AT A LATER TIME. If I forget to pick up my share, I understand that it will be donated. If I know I am unable to retrieve it, and cannot find a replacement, I will do my best to notify the farmers at least a day before so they can adjust harvest accordingly. *
I will not ask my farmers to set certain items aside if I'm unable to arrive until the end of pick-up. *
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Are you interested in purchasing bulk veggie orders for preserving? If so, what kind of veggies? (ex. tomatoes, hot peppers, cucumbers, etc.)
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