Camp Tekoa Registration Form 2021
It is time to register for our 2021 Labor Day Family Retreat!

This is a great chance for fellowship, fun, and discipleship between St. Andrew's UMC, SouthPark Church, and Cokesbury UMC!
There are opportunities to zip line, climb the tower, play in the lake, canoe/paddle boat, swamp canoes, play disc golf, play volleyball, play field games, do the rope swing, have family game night, a movie night for the kids, have an ice cream party, enjoy campfires, and more!

There will also be times for devotion, worship, and reflection, times to relax in the rocking chairs and chat with your friends (new and old), share in meals together, shop at the Tekoa store, and give back to Camp Tekoa with a service project!

This retreat is worth every penny!

Here are a couple changes for 2021:
1. Meals: After many conversations and much debate, we have decided to move to Camp Tekoa cooking all of our meals for the foreseeable future. Fellowship while preparing meals, has long been a vital part of this weekend, but we feel having Tekoa staff prepare meals is the best move at this time. There will still be lots of opportunities to fellowship with friends new and old!

2. Price: The price increase for 2021 is due to a few factors. The first being that we are having camp prepare our food for us! The second is due to changes in the way Camp Tekoa now does weekend retreat rentals. We have long been "grandfathered" in with the old pricing structure, but it is time to be fair to camp and adhere to the new pricing structures.

3. Activities: There are many activities we can participate in for free at camp and those will all still be on the schedule (as well as available for you to enjoy anytime). However, there are a number of activities we must pay Camp Tekoa to have open for us. This schedule has been adjusted slightly through the years, but truth be told, there are times we pay for activities to be open and few if any people participate. So on this years registration, you will be asked to indicate which of these activities your family is interested in. Our schedule (and the amount of time for these activities) will be dependent on what the group is interested in. Example: Last year we moved to just having one tower time open, because we were paying $200 an hour for the first 2 hours, and at times only having 3- 4 climbers max during that time. Ultimately, the schedule may not change much from past years, we just figure it is time to make sure we are paying for activities that folks actually want!

4. Committees: With Tekoa cooking meals, there will be too many people to serve on committees! But that doesn't mean we won't need help planning and implementing the weekend! Please indicate below if you will be willing to serve on a committee!

Full weekend price for 4 and older - $150 per person
2 night price for 4 and older - $115 per person
1 night rate - $60 per person
Day rate (if you are staying offsite) - $15 per day activity fee plus each meal you will be participating in. Meals are $7.00 for breakfast, $8.00 for lunch, and $9.00 for dinner.

3 and under - If your child is not partaking in Tekoa prepared meals, there is no charge! If your child will be eating meals prepared by Camp, it is $55.00 for the weekend for food. If your under 3 year old is a 2 day or 1 day camper, meals are $7.00 for breakfast, $8.00 for lunch, and $9.00 for dinner.

Once you register, please send a $25.00 per person deposit to St. Andrew's UMC, 1901 Archdale Dr., Charlotte, NC 28210 (attention Kevin Ward and Tekoa Labor Day in the memo).
All remaining money will be due August 8th. (But you are welcome to pay earlier!)

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kevin Ward at

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Please list every Adult Participant (high school graduates and older) by name. Indicate with each participants name and whether they are a full weekend, 2 night, 1 night, or day camper.
Please list every Youth Participants (2021/2022 6th-12th grade) by Name - please indicate grade/age and whether they are Full weekend, 2 nights, 1 night, or day camper
Please list every Child Participants (Birth thru 2021/2022- 5th grade) - Please indicate grade/age and whether they are Full weekend, 2 nights, 1 night, or day camper
Housing *
If Gender Based housing is your preference: Please list all families you would possibly like to house with
Does anyone in your family have allergies or food needs? (Milk allergy, gluten free, nut allergy, vegetarian, vegan, etc.) Please list the allergies and how many family members have that need. If none, please just type "Not Applicable" *
What adventure activities is your family interested in this weekend? Even if only one person is interested in the activity in your family, please indicate you are interested in the activity. *
Are you interested in serving on a committee to help either plan the weekend or help make it happen? Help will be needed on the welcome committee, recreation committee, campfire committees, babysitting time, Tekoa Kids, and snack committee. Please list each family participant and either indicate "not interested" or which committee/committees may interest that family member. *
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