Otakon 2015 CJAS & Friends Hotel
Please enter your information here to get on James' list of people to keep informed about Otakon hotel arrangements. There is no obligation for joining the list, so even if you are still unsure but are considering it, let me know so that I can keep you in the loop regarding future developments.

This year, we'll probably go 4 people per room, with a cost of around $90-$120 per person for the whole weekend. Thursday nights may be extra. There will be a online web system for picking what room to go into so that you can decide who your roommates will be. If you're interested in seeing how things have gone in past years, the mailing list archives are at: http://www.cjas.org/pipermail/otakon/

You can check if you've signed up before (and who else has signed up) at http://bit.ly/oh2015list
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