SSQBio Admissions Helpline
To contact current SSQBio students with questions relating to the department and the application process, please fill out the following form. Answers will, of course, reflect the views and experiences of individual students and should in no way be viewed as official. No potentially-identifying information will be shared beyond the students answering questions, and thus it will have no impact on admissions.

For questions that require official answers, we will let you know and provide contact information for a department administrator.

We welcome questions concerning the application, but please note that we are limited in commenting on application materials (by Harvard policy) and that all submitted documents must be the applicant's own work.

We will do our best to respond to all inquiries in a week, though we appreciate understanding if some answers take a bit longer :)

Answers will be returned to the email address that you provide in the form. If you have follow up questions, you may reply directly to the email chain you are provided.
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Feel free to include any background or additional information that would be useful in answering your question in the box below. All questions or other information provided will be not be shared outside of the helpline student committee and have no bearing on any current or future application.
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