SSQBio Admissions Helpline
To contact current SSQBio students with questions relating to the department and the application process, please fill out the following form. Answers will, of course, reflect the views and experiences of individual students and should in no way be viewed as official. No potentially-identifying information will be shared beyond the students answering questions, and thus it will have no impact on admissions.

For questions that require official answers, we will let you know and provide contact information for a department administrator.

We welcome questions concerning the application process; however, we cannot provide specific critiques on application materials. If you are seeking direct feedback on your application, and you are from a group traditionally underrepresented in the sciences, we encourage you to participate in the SSQBio Application Assistance Program (AAP) here:

In addition, we have a detailed FAQ on the admissions process written by SSQBio students on the admissions section of the SSQBio website. If you think your question may have been asked before, try checking this page to see if you can get a quicker response to your query. The FAQ may be found here:

The helpline is active October - January (during the admissions cycle), queries in the interim will receive responses starting in October. We will do our best to respond to all inquiries in a week during the cycle, though we appreciate understanding if some answers take a bit longer :)

Answers will be returned to the email address that you provide in the form. If you have follow up questions, you may reply directly to the email chain you are provided.
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