Glebe Little League 2019 Player Placement Requests
In 2017, the Glebe Little League (GLL) Board approved Guidelines for Playing Up or Down a Level in House League and more robust sort out and team formation processes.

Friend requests can still be made, but are not guaranteed. Requests across divisions or within tiers of a division will rarely be accommodated (mainly when siblings or player safety is involved). Once all players have been assigned to a team, an attempt will be made to accommodate player requests. Players will be moved/traded between teams. Players can only be moved for a player of equal rank score (+/- 5% of total player evaluation score).

Please complete the following form if you have a player placement request. Again, it will be considered, but not guaranteed. As well, only requests made via this form will be reviewed (i.e., requests from previous years or verbal requests, etc. will not be considered).

1. Player Name *
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2. Division of play (registered for in 2019) *
3. Nature of placement request *
4. Provide details for the request (i.e., name up to two players your players wishes to be paired with or describe the reasons behind a request to move to a different division, etc.) *
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5. Best parent e-mail (e.g., for contact (if we have follow up questions): *
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