BR Stickers request 2019-2020
Note: this is the design of the sticker that we give out for free. Our redbubble designs are different -- the profits for those stickers go to the individual artists that made the stickers for BR.
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If going to a tournament where a BR staff member will be present, indicate when and which tournament. Note: BR would most likely be able to distribute at national tournaments, availability at local tournaments depends on if BR staff members are present there. This means there is NO guarantee that you can get a sticker this way.
Address (PLEASE PUT WHOLE ADRESS INCLUDING ZIP CODE STATE AND CITY. PLEASE) If you have asked to get the sticker at a tournament, put it anyways because we might not be able to fill your request. *
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This sticker initiative is a free one, meaning that we have already raised the funds to pay for these stickers and will continually offer free stickers throughout the year. If you would still like to pay the shipping costs for the sticker, please donate any amount you deem reasonable either in our gofund me, or by venmo (@Abby-Meyer-03),
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