SIPS 2021 Mission Award Nominations
The SIPS awards committee gives out two different types of awards to recognize contributions that further the SIPS mission ( larger recognitions given once a year (SIPS Mission Awards) and smaller recognitions given three times a year (SIPS Commendations).

This is a nomination form for SIPS Mission Awards. (SIPS Commendation nominations can be made here

Anyone can make an unlimited number of nominations, including both formal scholarship and informal contributions (e.g., blog posts, initiatives) that promote transparency, rigor, and replicability in psychological science​. Contributions can be credited to individuals or to teams. Contributions that have previously received SIPS Commendations are automatically considered for the SIPS Mission Awards ( All nominations are anonymous.

Projects created by current members of the SIPS awards committee are not eligible to receive awards. Nominations involving current SIPS awards committee members will be held until the committee member is no longer on the committee. Current members of the awards committee are: Morton Ann Gernsbacher, Gordon Feld, Jeffrey Girard, Matt Makel, Hannah Moshontz, and Julia Rohrer.

To be considered for July 2021 Mission Awards selections, nominations must be made by midnight, Pacific Standard Time, July 1st, 2021.

If you have questions please email the awards committee chair, Hannah Moshontz, at
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