We Are Salem: 2020–2021 Academy and College Community Campus Compact
As students, faculty, and staff at Salem Academy and College, we each have a communal responsibility in navigating these challenging and unprecedented times and balancing the health and safety needs of our community with our campus missions. To carry on the educational and service missions of our campus while minimizing transmission of COVID-19 and protecting those most vulnerable to the disease, Salem Academy and College puts forth this 2020–2021 Academy and College Community Campus Compact for students, faculty, and staff. Our Compact outlines our collective behavioral expectations for reopening, living, and learning on our campus. By joining us during the 2020–2021 academic year, you agree to adhere to the expectations for physical distancing and public behavior detailed in this Compact. Further, you agree to adhere to strict physical distancing and use of facial coverings for the 14 days prior to your return to campus and to ask parents, families, and friends to be mindful of COVID-19 health and safety practices as they relate to preparations for a safe return to campus.
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2020-2021 Academy and College Community Campus Compact

I understand, as a member of the Academy and College community during the 2020–2021 academic year, that I am an important part of the community and that we are stronger as a community when we all do our part to keep our campus safe. I understand that the health and safety measures I am being asked to undertake are necessary to protect the health and safety of others in my community and beyond. I agree to abide by all federal, state, local, and Salem Academy and College mandates, policies, protocols, and procedures related to COVID-19, and I agree to participate in any required training.

I understand that violations of this Compact will be handled with accountability for the greater good of our campus and community. I agree that should my behavior jeopardize the health and safety of others in the community, I may be directed to refrain from participating in any on-campus activities (while being permitted to continue my academic program or work remotely) or my access to campus buildings may be restricted for a period of time. I further agree that breaches of the Compact may also be handled by conduct and disciplinary protocols that are guided by campus health and safety precautions.
Health and Wellness


• To follow the campus expectations of every community member to conduct daily wellness checks as directed by Salem, to monitor for and report symptoms and exposure, to be tested as recommended by health professionals, to follow quarantine and isolation orders and guidelines, and to cooperate with Salem and health departments in tracking my contacts should I test positive, as part of my public service commitment to protecting my peers and all members of our community.

• To maintain appropriate (at least 6 feet apart) physical distance from others whenever possible.

• To wear a facial covering in public and on-campus as directed by Salem and public health authorities and to follow proper procedures for cleaning and/or replacing used or soiled facial coverings.

• To wash my hands frequently for at least 20 seconds throughout each day and before and after interactions with others.

• To use sanitizer and disinfectant supplies provided throughout campus buildings to clean my personal spaces and other surfaces with which I come into contact, including but not limited to desks, seats in classrooms, and residence hall rooms.

• To take appropriate preventive and precautionary health measures such as verifying my vaccinations are up to date and receiving a flu shot.
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Campus Movement


• To gather only in designated outdoor and indoor areas of campus and subject to capacity restrictions, wearing a facial covering, maintaining adequate physical distance, and complying with all signage.

• To sit only in seats designated and clearly marked as available in classrooms and other campus spaces.

• To follow procedures for entering and exiting campus buildings, stairwells, elevators, and other spaces, which will be clearly identified on campus signage.
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Travel & Guests


• To refrain from having guests and visitors, including family members, in my campus residence, except as authorized by Salem Residence Life.

• To refrain from allowing individuals without clearance to enter campus buildings. (Visitors and guests are subject to special pandemic guidelines requiring preapproved campus visits and strict adherence to campus health and safety protocols and check-in/check-out processes.)

• To limit unnecessary personal travel.

• To notify Salem by August 1, 2020 of any personal international or cruise ship travel scheduled to occur within 14 days prior to (or as part of) my scheduled campus re-entry and during the academic year. (This notification obligation is ongoing as travel plans develop during the 2020–2021 academic year.)

• To comply, if I must travel, with quarantine and testing requirements based on guidance issued by federal, state, and local authorities and/or Salem.
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Social Life and Activities


• To participate in student clubs/organizations, performing arts, sports, and any other school-sponsored student life activity virtually as much as possible and, when not virtual, to adhere to physical distancing, use of facial coverings, and other COVID-19-related safety protocols adopted by Salem.

• To refrain from organizing, hosting, or attending events, parties, or other social gatherings on or off campus that may jeopardize the safety and wellbeing of myself and other members of the community.

• Academy Students: As an Academy student, to acknowledge that use of alcohol and drugs is illegal and violates school policy, and that substance use would increase the likelihood of engaging in unauthorized and unexcused risky COVID-19-related behavior.

• College Students: As a College student, to acknowledge that alcohol and substance use increases my risk of engaging in risky behavior and that drug and underage alcohol use is illegal, that substance use increases the likelihood of needing medical treatment involving higher-risk contact with and exposure to others, and that substance use will not be considered an excuse for unauthorized risky COVID-19-related behavior.
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The expectations in the Compact are guided by core values essential to every member of the Salem Academy and College community in the 2020–2021 academic year. We recognize that current times call for changes in how we conduct both our institutional operations and our own lives though our values remain constant. To provide everyone on campus with a reasonable sense of security, we must all agree to abide by certain behavioral guidelines. These guidelines may be modified and further specified over time as changes require.

Salem Academy and College is committed to the health, safety, and well-being of our students, staff, faculty, and surrounding community. Therefore, all members of the community and visitors will be required to exercise healthy hand hygiene practices, to wear facial coverings, and to maintain appropriate physical distancing on and off campus. At Salem, these spaces include all administrative, academic, housing/dining, and recreational buildings on campus, as well as outside green spaces, walkways, and streets adjacent to our campus. Individuals experiencing symptoms of illness (fever, coughing, shortness of breath, etc.) will be expected to follow campus self-monitoring, reporting, testing, and isolation and quarantine protocols, as well as recommendations of campus Health Services and public health departments.

Salem Academy and College is committed to providing students with an exceptional education. Students will continue to be challenged intellectually and engage in world-class scholarly opportunities. For fall 2020, classes will provide both hybrid and online learning opportunities with in-person experiences, as space and campus conditions allow, held in locations with identified seating that meet new capacity restrictions. Procedures for entering and exiting campus buildings, stairwells, elevators, and other spaces will be clearly posted.

Salem Academy and College recognizes the importance of co-curricular, social, and recreational activities as part of our educational experience, as long as they can be conducted safely both for their participants and for those with whom the participants may come into contact during and after those activities. To provide for this safety, these activities must be conducted in accordance with all campus safety protocols, including guidelines for physical distancing and use of facial coverings. Indoor and outdoor spaces, as applicable, will have new capacity restrictions that are shared with students, faculty, and staff for determining how to safely gather. Buildings will have signage with further information for campus members and some spaces will be reconfigured to maximize social connectivity while maintaining physical distance. Outdoor activities will be encouraged and available to students as weather permits.
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Due to the evolving nature of the pandemic, these health standards and expectations may be updated or modified by Salem at any time as the situation warrants. In such an event, Salem will notify campus members of changes. Campus members who choose to join Salem for the 2020–2021 academic year will be expected to follow the Academy and College Community Campus Compact and held accountable for noncompliance even if they do not sign the pledge.

*This Compact has been modeled with permission after the Student Campus Compact created by the University of Pennsylvania.
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