Morrow 2020 Policy Development Input Form
As a community leader or an involved Farm Bureau member, you are asked to provide input on the issues and policies you think need attention in our community. The policies of the Farm Bureau are the backbone of the organization. They provide the framework through which we advocate for family, community and food security. They help guide efforts to address real community issues. These policies are used to develop programs, projects and advocacy and are used to help guide the yearly plan of work for Morrow County Farm Bureau volunteers.
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What are the agriculture policy issues most important to you? (Mark all that apply). *
What local policy concerns do you have? Examples include care of our roadways, hospital, biosolids, Renergy, Inc. and local government issues. *
Do you think that our current efforts and laws in regard to water quality and fertilizer use are helping to reverse the water issues in the Lake Erie Watershed? *
Do you think that our organization is doing enough to meet the needs of its members on legislative and regulatory issues? *
What non-agriculture issues are you most concerned about? *
What policy suggestions do you have for State issues? *
What policy suggestions do you have for National issues? *
What policy area or issue would you like to see the county Farm Bureau and Ohio Farm Bureau work on? *
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