Allderdice PTO Grant Request 2020-21
The Allderdice PTO recognizes the challenges facing administrators and teachers in enhancing the educational environment for our students. Accordingly, a portion of PTO funds raised is dedicated to support educational enrichment projects and is available to teachers, staff, and students through the PTO grant process.

Grant request submissions will be evaluated and funded based on the following criteria:
* Number of students benefiting from the program
* Level of impact upon student education/school experience
* Impact towards addressing equity, diversity and inclusion across our student body
* Administration priorities
* Project duration

Grant funds cannot be used for catering, classroom parties or other personal purchases and such requests will not be considered accordingly.

Receipts or invoices must be provided to the PTO Treasurer for reimbursement or payment of all approved expenditures. Awarded funds must be used for approved purposes only and must be used by the end of the school year in which the grant was approved.

Completed PTO Grant Request Forms must be submitted by the 1st of the month, to be considered during that month's scheduled PTO meeting. This will provide sufficient time for the required review of grant requests and inclusion into the PTO meeting agenda. Any PTO Grant Request Forms submitted after the 1st of the month will be considered at the subsequent month's PTO meeting. Grant requests are subject to approval by PTO members in attendance at the meetings and based on available funds at the time of consideration.

All PTO Grant Request Forms must be approved by Dr. McCoy, the Allderdice principal, prior to being considered by the PTO Grants Committee and voted on by the PTO. Approved grant applications will be notified via email.

The PTO requests that outcomes of approved and completed grant programs are reported back to the PTO by the end of the school year. For program evaluation purposes, this should detail the overall program impact and success.

If you have questions or need clarification about this form, please contact
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Your name: *
Your role at Allderdice: *
Your specific position at Allderdice, if applicable (for example, 11th grade physics teacher):
Name of the program/item you are requesting funding for: *
Description of the program/item you are requesting funding for: *
Estimated number of students who will be directly impacted by this program/item: *
Program start and end date, if applicable:
Description of the program/item’s impact on student equity and/or how it will address unmet student needs: *
Total amount of money you are requesting from the PTO: *
REQUIRED before grant consideration: Itemized program expenses, including supporting expense documentation. For example: screen shots of web pages, estimated shipping costs, cost comparisons for competitive sourcing, etc. Enter text below, and please email supporting documents to right after you submit this form, with the grant title as subject header: *
Have you received prior funding from the PTO for a similar topic? *
Is this a recurring cost that you will seek PTO funding for in the future? *
Have you tried to secure funding from other sources? *
If so, how much money have you secured from other sources? If it's been denied, explain, or enter N/A *
If funds are granted, they should be payable to: *
How will you evaluate the impact of this program on your students? We will request this evaluation at the end of the school year. *
Additional information the PTO should know when evaluating this grant request:
Grant Application Process
1. When this form is submitted below, you will receive a copy of your responses. Please forward that email to Dr. McCoy.
2. Dr. McCoy will either approve your request, he will ask you to provide more information, or he will deny your request.
3. If you need to revise your application, edit the form and forward the revised form to Dr. McCoy for his final approval.
4. If you receive approval from Dr. McCoy, forward your application with his approval to
5. Documentation of your anticipated expenses must be sent to with the TITLE of your grant as the subject header.
6. Grant requests received by the 1st of the month will be considered at that month's PTO meeting.
7. You are invited to attend that month's PTO meeting to answer any questions that may arise. The PTO Schedule is at:
8. Approved grant applications will be notified via email.
Your proposal is not complete until you do the following: *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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