Sign-Up to Host a House Party for Momentum Alliance!
Thanks for your interest in hosting a fundraising house party for Momentum Alliance! We're thrilled that our friends and community have been asking about this exciting opportunity to support MA in our work.

Between September 1st and December 31st, our goal is to have 6 fundraising parties: 2 in September, 2 in October, 1 in November and 1 in December. Our fundraising goal for each party is $2,000, which might seem lofty, but split by 4 co-hosts is only $500 per host!

Hosts are responsible for: 1) Finding a location to host the party: this could be your home, a bar/restaurant, a venue... 2) Raising at least $500 from themselves and the people they've invited (if you're co-hosting) 3) providing snacks/beverages/refreshments to guests 4) Giving a 1 - 2 minute pitch about what you love and appreciate about Momentum Alliance and the work the organization does.

MA is responsible for: 1) Helping you plan an execute a house party 2) providing a "how-to" guide that will help you plan

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