Hatch Patch Plant, Care and Harvest Form
This form is to gather information about families of current Hatch Elementary School (or graduated) that are interested on ADOPTING a planting area (bed) and caring for during Spring/Summer/Fall 2021.
If more than one family wants to share an area, make sure to fill out just ONE FORM with the person/family that will be the main contact.
Thank you for helping us keep our beautiful and educational ORGANIC garden efforts alive!
The Hatch Patch Team
Email: HatchPatchTeam@gmail.com

* We plan to have Summer Tuesday 6pm as a harvesting time only if COVID guidelines allow. Otherwise, plan to come at least weekly and check on your garden bed. More information will be sent after you sign up.

Please remember the main objective is to teach kids about gardening, how things grow, how care for. You should pick from your area only please, unless you were asked to help or coordinated with other family. Weeding paths when you can would be wonderful!
* Produce should be donated to Beyond Hunger, of course you can taste test and enjoy a few of your produce as well. We might do a raffle for fundraising for Hatch during harvesting. We will coordinate with all families that wish to help.
Again, Thank you for signing up!
Name FIRST (first name of main contact) *
Name LAST (Last name of main contact) *
Email 1 - main contact *
Email 2 - other contact
CELL 1 - Phone number main contact *
CELL 2 - Phone number
What are your kids grade, teachers for example: Rody KM, Trish 2W (feel free to add ALL of your children, including not at Hatch)
INTEREST level *
Do you already plan to share an area for planting with another family? *
Do you need seeds (that our team already purchased). *
Level of assistance you will need from our team
Clear selection
Comments - anything else you might want to share with our team. (Or name/info of the family you are sharing a garden bed with)
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