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Thank you for your participation in! This is an ongoing research project. Our objective is to provide a portal for the general public to research heritage sites that were significant to APA pioneers from 1840s to 1900 in the Pacific Southwest Region.

If you have a heritage site to suggest, please use this form to submit site information and a way for us to follow up with you. relies on researchers, volunteers, and the general public to provide us with the content for this website. Before you submit a site, please review the sites already listed on to ensure that work is not duplicated.

The US Forest Service and CHSA is granted sole and exclusive right to copyright any publications developed as a result of your participation in this project. If you have any questions, please contact
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As you come across images of the Heritage Site, please provide us with any information related to the image(s). If you have access to the digital files , please indicate this below. After reviewing your entry, will send you a link to share these images and will request permission for use from copyright holders.
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If there's additional information not covered in the form, please let us know below. (e.g. Is this site accessible to the public? Are there special directions? Can you provide us with additional research assistance? Do you live near an archive/historical association/library that holds images of heritage sites?)
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