Caelus Computing: One on One Tutoring
Calling all students and parents looking for online tutoring from current Thomas Jefferson High School students, along with students from across Maryland and Virginia!

Seeing as many schools are closed amidst the global pandemic, it's crucial all of us students keep in touch with basic academic skills. Using the extra time on our hands to learn and master new skills in various subjects including math, science, and computer science is a valuable use of your time!

Project Caelus is a passionate team of individuals determined to launch a liquid fuel rocket to the Karman Line, the edge of space! Come on in and learn some of the basics and fundamentals of math, computer science, and have an insider's experience on how an aerospace engineering team conducts research.

Youth for Sewa is a youth-based service organization, as part of Sewa International, which aims to serve local groups of need. We are partnering with Youth for Sewa, the Virginia and Maryland Chapter!

LOGISTICS: ONLINE via Zoom or Google Meets (Have an email ready and we are here to guide you through the process if needed)

As we are non-profit, we rely on minimal maintenance charges in order to support hundreds of students. Caelus Computing charges a monthly maintenance fee of $15. If for any reason you are unable to pay this amount, an opt-out form is available. More information on how to make payments will be sent once your registration has been confirmed.

Sessions are one hour long each week per student. Content will be taught based on the student's understanding in the subject thus far.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Fill out the form for EACH SUBJECT you are interested in.
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