UK Honor Wind Ensemble 2019-2020
Occurs January 31-February 2. Students will need to obtain an EHO and return it to front office to excuse from classes. Students will be responsible for their own transportation. Deadline to sign up is December 10. The registration fee is $70 and students who make the ensemble will be responsible for this fee. Special Note from UK: Performer housing is also available at $25/night for those who live out of the Lexington area. After ensemble placement, you will be contacted about overnight accommodations. Students will need to coordinate a time to record their audition with Mr. Miller. Info about recordings:

Woodwinds & Brass

State your Name, School, Instrument, and Year in School.
Chromatic Scale, the range of your instrument, eighth note pattern, tongue up/slur down. Pause for breath, if necessary, quarter note = 138.
Lyrical Etude/Solo Excerpt, approx. 2-5 minutes.
Technical Etude/Solo Excerpt, approx. 2-5 minutes.


State your Name, School, Instrument, and Year in School
Include 4-10 minutes from AT LEAST two areas. Areas include:
Concert Snare Drum
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