Apply for Breathwork Academy Autumn 2020
As BWA Autumn 2020 will be limited to only 15 participants, those that are hoping to secure a place should pre-register. Pre-registered applicants will be given priority access and amongst the first to be notified of the availability and release date.

The opportunity here to be part of BWA is also an invitation to look at your life. What do you want out of this? What is in your way? And what would make a difference?

Take a breath before applying. Breathwork Academy is not for everyone.
- It is not for inconsistent attendance; it requires daily commitment of a few minutes and weekly check ins with the community.
- It is not for those who aren’t interested in looking beneath the surface of their disposition; it requires courage in order to face what comes up for you before, during and after the breathing sessions.
- It is not for those who want theoretical information; this is a place of practical, immediate tools that will be explained and taught mainly through physical demonstrations and practise.
- It is not for 6 weeks; Breathwork Academy is the birth of a new relationship with your breath, body and behaviour - for the rest of your life.
- Single registration is securing attendance of the course for one person only.

- Thursday 22nd October 2020 until Thursday 3rd December 2020
- Opening call Thursday 22nd October 18:00-19:30 GMT
- Closing call Thursday 3rd December 2020 18:00-19:30 GMT
- Weekly calls Thursdays 18:00-18:30 GMT

- £245
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1) Why do you want to join Breathwork Academy? *
2) What challenges are you facing in your life right now? What is in your way of moving past these challenges? *
3) What would you like to have access to in 6 weeks that you don’t have right now? *
For those of you that have filled out the pre-registration form, a registration link will be sent to invite you to sign up when the registration goes live.
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