2017 UN YOUTH EMPOWERMENT Applicant Information

To ensure the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be achieved, youth must be involved and empowered. Youth plays an important role in the national development plan and should be given a platform to guarantee that their interests, concerns and ideas are not just being heard, but channeled to the right path and heard by the government and other sectors.

Youth faces numerous issues and problems. Who else can explain and make changes better than youth themselves. Some of the issues facing youth in Indonesia, and many other parts of the world, are poverty, unemployment, health issues, education and acknowledgement of their contribution. If given the prospects, youth can provide a unique and innovative ways to overcome the issues they face.

Opportunities must be given in order to enable them to contribute, take actions and provide solutions in implementing the ideas to achieve the SDGs. The "2017 UN Youth Empowerment" aims to focus Youth and their local ideas to be implemented in their local communities in the Jakarta area, and hope the ideas can be replicated in other areas outside Jakarta.

By providing them with a forum to conceptualize and develop the plan, and attract funding from potential sector(s) to implement their programme, the United Nations Information Centre (UNIC) and 2030 Youth Force Indonesia aims to embrace, encourage and empower youth to create a better condition in their local communities.

The concept of the event is to provide a platform for youth where they have the opportunity to pitch their ideas to potential sponsor(s) and develop their plans based on their concept at the community level. Finally, if their ideas are interested, they will receive funds from sponsor(s) in order to run their project.

25 selected groups will present their proposals/ideas in front of approximately 40 corporates (TBC) in order to pitch the funding during the Pitching Session.

1. Submitting proposals/ideas through Google Form (September 11 - October 15, 2017)
2. Announcement for the shortlisted proposal (October 21-22, 2017)
4. Pitching Session (November 14, 2017), Venue TBC

1. Nationals of Indonesia
2. Lives in JABODETABEK area
3. All team members must be able to commit for the entire duration of the 2017 UN Youth Empowerment Initiative. The initiative is open to social innovations from JABODETABEK area with the potential to scale and create impact in the local sommunity
4. All team members must be over the age 18 Years old - 30 Years old
5. Must be in the groups/ it is allowed from different backgrounds or universities (min 3/max 5 members)
6. Can understand the main focuses of action initiative in the local community
7. Can describe experiences and events, dreams, hopes & ambitions and briefly give reasons and explanations for actions and plans through this program.
8. Must send a video (3-5 mins max) about the project [FOR THE SHORTLISTED APPLICANTS]
Proposals can be sent in Bahasa Indonesia and English

Project ideas/proposals must be simple, practical, cost efficient (up to Rp 60 million one-off funding) that will deliver results in their local community and directly align with the SDGs. You may refer to the SMART method (Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Replicable / Realistic and Timely) in formulating your proposal. For further reading material related to SMART method, kindly visit :

Contact Person:
1. Mart Hans Luber - 082132586998 - mart.hans.luber@gmail.com
2. Ikhsan Kamal Lubis - 085691120002 - intern2.jakarta@unic.org

Social Media:
Web: unicjakarta.org
Instagram: @UNICJakarta
Twitter: @UNICJakarta
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UNICJakarta/ (United Nations Information Centre Jakarta)

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