Career Comeback Support Program for Women (CCSP-W)
The project aims to increase the awareness of contemporary business environment for unemployed women who had work experience previously, and encouraging them to get back into the workforce by providing an Online and mobile platform as well as its relevant curriculum. Gender-related differences in employment rates and conditions have been discussed over the decades by the researchers and governments. Women, as a disadvantaged group, have suffered from less stable employment due to various factors. Some of the reasons for less stability in the workplace can be listed as marriage, childbirth, gender roles in the society and cultural issues. Knowledge society transformed business world into an environment where intangible assets are considered the main value of the organizations. There was a radical change from traditional business environment to contemporary social environment where the focus is not only on consumers and organizational needs but also on environmental, social and ethical issues. Diffusion of rapidly changing technology into the business world discouraged people, especially women to return to work force. Moreover, intense penetration of the technology use and social media require developing new skills and abilities for a successful career. The complexity of such an environment demands a more integrated approach across different dimensions of contemporary business to regain women work force.
Therefore, the purpose of this research questionnaire is to gather data to understand women's needs for a problem-free comeback experience; most commonly needed skills for their occupation/job role; barriers women face to become entrepreneurs; tools and services available in their countries to support women to return to work etc.
The survey is anonymous but if you want to receive a copy of the Questionnaire results please supply your e-mail address.
Your opinions and experiences will be an important contribution to the project and therefore we would like to thank you for your response in advance.
What is your country?
What is your age?
In what sector/industry did you work?
For how long have you been out of the workforce?
What are the reasons for taking a career break?
What form of employment are you interested in?
What are the most commonly needed skills for your occupation/job role. Please choose up to the 3 MOST relevant options .
Have you ever thought of starting your own business?
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