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Thanks for taking time to answer this questionnaire!

We are a student project at ETH Zürich and our vision is to give back more flexibility and freedom to every day's life of people with walking disabilities. Scewo is the first prototype of a new stair climbing wheelchair. Now we are in the process of improving this prototype so it get suitable for every day's use.

For this purpose we need to know what requirements and wishes you have to a modern electric wheelchair. Building up on your answers we will build new prototypes and test them with different users. This questionnaire focuses on the interface, the interaction and operation of the wheelchair.

Your answers are anonymous and will of course be evaluated anonymously. We have no possibility to gahter any personal information and identify you. If you don't want to answer a certain question just leave it empty.

This questionnaire is structured in 3 main parts and will take about 10 minutes.

Below you can view a video of our prototype to get a better understanding of our idea.

In general, there are to modes to use the wheelchair:
- On flat ground, the wheelchair balances automatically on a single axis (like a hover board). This enables high agility and to drive on uneven ground.
- Stairs are overcome by extendible rubber tracks. The seat is automatically always kept level. The tracks have very high grip on different surfaces and allow safe traversal of stairs. Curved stairs can be tackled as well (of course within certain limits).

- All transitions (from flat ground onto the stairs and vice-versa) are automated and can be triggered by the push of a button.

In our brochure you can find more information about our current prototype and timeline of the project:

Scewo Prototype Video
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