lil'Ladybug Blues exchange - Registration
Welcome to the SECOND edition of annual lil'Ladybug🐞 Blues exchange (with your love for blues it just become annual ☺️)
Because this is an exchange there will be lot’s of dancing and fun activities.
When: 💁🏻‍♀️25-26 April 2020

First of all let me start with that, this absolutely is a non-profit event. All the income will be used to pay locations and activities. Just take your dance with you, any dance you do and let us take care of the rest 🤗🐞💃🏻

This year next to having one workshop (by yours truly and Wiebke(DE)) we also want to create space for “skill share”. So if you have any talent that you want to share with us, get ready because we want you, we need you! 🤗
!!!About HOSTING : please visit the event page and get together. Because I am doing this all alone unfortunately I start to realize that I can’t give you all the quality I am hoping for that’s why needed to drop some of the tasks. Sorry for inconvenience !!!!

How much does it cost?💶
50€ is your standard package, Saturday's workshop, activity and parties, Sunday party
25€ if you only want to join us for the parties on Saturday evening and on Sunday afternoon.
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