Washoe Valley Center Global Training Application 2020
This form is for applicants applying to the Washoe Center Global Training Program 2020. An application does not ensure participation in this program.

DATES: April 25 – June 19, 2020
LOCATION: Washoe Valley, Nevada USA

PREREQUISITE: Completion of the India portion of Phase One (either in person or by remote)
Phase One-Part 2: Fundamentals: Washoe Valley Center, Washoe Valley, Nevada, USA
Focus: Understanding and embodying the fundamentals of New Dharma teachings; learning about and practicing leading inquiry groups, leading Gita and MotherBook sessions. Selected participants will also learn and practice and mentoring. This is an in-person session only with no remote participation.

PREREQUISITE: Completion of the India 2020 portion of Phase One (in person or remotely)
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