DRM Survey
Dan Rayburn is conducting an anonymous survey of CE manufacturers, Mobile Operators, Content Companies and MSOs on their use of DRM technologies and platforms. One respondent will be randomly chosen and will win an Apple TV.

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1. When it comes to implementing a DRM solution, what are the two most important needs you need for your video business?
2. What are the two biggest motivating factors for you when choosing a DRM technology/platform?
3. Do you feel that DRM features and functionality can sufficiently replace conditional access based solutions?
3.5 If you answered no, what factors are most important when integrating a DRM into a CAS type offering for OTT?
4. When it comes to OTT video, which DRM provider would you rank best based on total cost of ownership considerations?
5. When it comes to OTT video, which DRM provider would you rank best, based on overall performance considerations?
6. Do you believe that a single DRM solution can address how premium content is consumed by all video clients/applications?
7. What are the two metrics that matter to you most in measuring the success of your DRM implementation?
8. What is your preferred business model when purchasing a DRM solution?
9. What are your top three challenges you’ve faced with any DRM solution?
10. Based on the current DRM solution(s) you’re using, what two features do you feel are missing or what features would you like to see added to the solution?
11. Some DRM providers may collect and use your customer/service data as part of their DRM service. On a scale one 1-5, what is the level of your concern (5 being most concerned).
Less concerned
More concerned
12. How does GDPR and similar privacy related regulations affect your decision to use DRM solutions?
13. Do you have a preference for either DRM software or hardware solutions?
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