Education for Kenya Hunt App
I'd like to invite you to participate in the upcoming GPProductions Event in collaboration with the Harambee project Gwassi-Kenya Charity Shop called Education for Kenya Hunt. The prizes will be 10L each and the hunt runs November 1st-30th, 2018. The hunt item is a pencil.

This hunt is a 50% to charity and 50% for the designer to keep hunt. The charity is called Harambee Project Gwassi-Kenya which is a charity that helps provide education and other resources for the people of Kenya.
The hunt is completely free for designers unless you decide to be a sponsor. 50% of sponsorship fees goes to the charity and the other 50% goes to provide funding for the event organizer to help create more events. Full perm mesh stores and marketplace only stores are allowed as well!

If accepted to the hunt you will receive a welcome kit and a group invite to the Gross Princess Productions Group for designers & bloggers. Please only apply once per store. Please allow up to 7 days for your welcome kit to be sent if you are accepted.

++++50% of sponsorship fees will be donated to the charity and 50% will go to the event organizer to fund future hunts & events++++
Optional: Sponsorships - Includes a clickable sidebar ad with link of your choice on hunt webpage, top listing on hunt page, special group tag and my gratitude for helping making these events possible!
Only 10 spots in total for sponsor: Sponsor slot #1 gets a much larger side bar ad at top of page on side bar and top billing on page - costs 300L

Spots 2-10 - Cost 200L each

---------Requirements for stores------------

*All hunt items must be new and exclusively sold through the hunt until it ends (afterward you can sell if you'd like).

*Hunt themes are the Beauty of Africa and Back to School. The theme the beauty of Africa celebrates all African culture including fashion (think of tribal prints/elephants/safaris/sunset colors). Back to school is themed around school supplies, school uniforms, books, etc. These themes are suggested strongly but I will accept any items in the color yellow (can have prints or patterns but must be mostly any shade of yellow) if you do not follow the suggested themes to give the hunt a more uniform look.

*Sexy items (lingerie or school girl uniform) are allowed but no sexual items (furniture that has pg and adult menu is allowed).

*All stores that do create market standard items (mesh clothing/appliers for mesh bodies & heads if you do layer clothing/mesh furniture/mesh shoes/accessories instead of using only flexi prims, sculpties and classic avatar layers only) and do not copyright infringe (rip images from google or use ANY licensed images/names like Disney on your items are examples of this) will be accepted to the hunt regardless of overall item quality since this is a charity hunt. This policy does not apply to the standard GPProduction Events & Hunts, as such stores accepted into this hunt may not be accepted into future hunts due to the store's quality not meeting what I consider is desired for our customer base.

SL avatar name of store owner(s) - NO display names: (this is the person that will be getting the welcome kit that includes things like the event poster and will be receiving the group invite) *
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Store Name: *
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Store Slurl for in-world stores OR Link to marketplace for marketplace ONLY stores: *
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Do you wish to be a sponsor? 300L for #1 spot, 2-10 is 200L. **If accepted as a sponsor there is a notecard in your welcome kit that will tell you how to pay and how to send me your full perm store logo and slurl of choice.** *
Do you accept that this is a charity hunt and 50% of the hunt prize cost (5L) will go to the charity (designer keeps 50% aka 5L)? Also, 50% of sponsor fees go to charity and 50% goes to Victoria MacFanatic (event organizer to fund future events & hunts). Full receipts will be posted of donations after hunt is over. *
Have you read the requirements for the hunt and agree to the terms? *
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