ACES Pre-Intake Form 升学辅导查询表
Student's Name 学生姓名: *
Parent's Name 父/母亲姓名: *
When did the student come to the U.S.? 学生来美日期 *
What year is the student and which high school is the student attending? 学生在读年级和学校 *
E.g. Sophomore at Uni High 例子:Uni High 10年级
What courses is the student taking and grades? (current GPA?) 请列出学生这学期的课表和各科成绩 (GPA) *
What tests has the student taken and scores? (placement, standardized tests) 请列出学生考过的基准考试 (例子:数学英语分班,CELDT,SAT/PSAT等) *
Specify specific tests taken or write none taken yet
What are some of the student's extracurricular activities? 请列出学生參加的课外活动 *
Specify activities or write none
What volunteer services has the student performed? 请列出学生做过的或是正在做的志愿者活动 *
Specify volunteer work or write none
What is the student's interested major or field? 请问学生对什么大学专业或是将来就业方向感兴趣? *
Additional Comments: 额外资料 *
Please upload your transcripts here 请在此处上传成绩单 *
Contact Info (wechat/phone/email): 联系方式 (微信号/电话/电邮) *
After receiving the completed form, we will contact you within 48 hours. 在收到您填好的表格后,我们将在48小时内联系您。
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