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Student Safety Policy & Injury Liability Waiver
Yarra Valley Ballet subscribes to the Ausdance Safe Dance Practice Guide, available at: http://ausdance.org.au/articles/details/safe-dance-practice.

Student safety is of utmost importance at Yarra Valley Ballet. Alongside physical and environmental safety, we encourage and promote mental and emotional well being which includes a balanced approach to training, healthy eating habits, and fatigue and injury management.

Whilst every effort is made to manage and mitigate risk, accidents can happen. In the event of an injury, we recommend students seek medical advice from a qualified professional. YVB staff will work alongside the student to facilitate rehabilitation and re-integration to classes.


I agree that I will not hold Yarra Valley Ballet Pty Ltd or any of its Directors or Shareholders liable for injuries sustained in the normal course of dance class activity.
Please indicate your agreement to the above Injury Liability Waiver *
Visual Media Policy
From time to time YVB teachers may take photos and/or video footage of students during class time. This media is used for educational purposes only and may be shared with enrolled adult students of the class and/or YVB staff.

Photographs and/or video footage may also be taken during theatre rehearsals and performances and may be shared with the YVB community through email and/or our closed Facebook page (ie not the public page).

If we wish to use any images or footage publicly, we will seek your express written consent where the image or footage visually identifies you. Public use may include our website, public Facebook page, or advertising materials.
Please indicate your agreement to the above policy *
Fee Policy
Please take some time to familiarise yourself with the following information.

All Students must be financially viable in order to participate in classes, examinations, community performance, or the annual production. Students with unpaid fees will be invited to watch classes until such time as their account is up to date.

• Term Fees are invoiced at the end of the preceding term or at the beginning of the calendar year for Term 1. Some adult classes may be invoiced in blocks of 4-weeks periods.
• Fees may be paid by term or by regular direct deposit arrangement
• Late payments will incur a $15.00 administration fee
• Term Fees do not include Examination Fees, Costume Levies, or Annual Production Fees

Our available payment methods are cash, credit card, or bank transfer to:
Yarra Valley Ballet Pty Ltd | 013 278 | 224433446

We offer a 100% money back guarantee for:
• any student who is enrolled for a full term,
• who does not wish to continue their term tuition for any reason,
• for all future scheduled classes only.

We do not offer refunds for classes that have already been taken, or retrospective classes missed due to illness/injury/choice/circumstance. We do not offer refunds for any of the 4-week series classes.

Missed classes may be made up during the term in which the absence occurs. They do not roll over to the next term.
Please indicate your agreement to the above policy *
YVB Annual Production


Preparing for a production is a team effort and we do require 100% commitment from all dancers, and the support of each dancers’ parents to ensure their child's attendance and punctuality.

Late or absent dancers slow down the progress of the whole production and make it difficult for their classmates to learn and practice patterns, partner work and spatial formations.

Wherever possible, rehearsals are held during normal class times, however there will be times when extra rehearsals are called and students will be expected to attend. If students are unable to attend their scheduled rehearsals, they may not be on stage for the full dance piece or their part may be re-assigned to an understudy.

It is recommended that you keep weekends as free as possible from mid-October onwards to assist with scheduling and availability.

Please note that any student who misses General Rehearsals or Dress Rehearsals may be immediately dismissed from the Production and will forfeit the fee paid. It is unsafe and unprofessional for dancers to go on stage without attending these rehearsals.

We thank you in advance for your understanding and ask that you make every effort ensure you are able to meet the attendance requirements before committing to the Production.
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