Harry Potter & The Dolores Umbridge Escape Room
Welcome to Harry Potter and the Dolores Umbridge Escape Room!

All ages are welcome to try this escape room, though some younger users may need assistance from an adult. You can complete this digital escape room on your own, or as a group. Try it multiple times if you like. Just have fun!

If you are accessing this through a social media app, we recommend opening this escape room in a separate web browser so you don't lose progress while navigating through the puzzles and clicking on necessary links.

This escape experience was created by the Muskego Public Library. https://www.cityofmuskego.org/166/Library

The Muskego Public Library is part of the Bridges Library System, and has been shared with Pewaukee librarians (and with you!) as part of a collective effort by various Bridges libraries to provide a summer full of fun escape rooms!

If you would like to learn more about the Pewaukee Public Library, including other fun events and digital resources, please visit our website or follow us on social media:

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