Art Car Application: FZB 2019: Artemis Rising
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Will anyone else have driving permissions? *
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What do you call your mutant vehicle? *
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Which theme camp does the vehicle live at? *
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When is your expected arrival to Peach Creek Ranch? *
General description of vehicle. *
Short basic description. Height clearance? LED lights all over? Shaped like a banana?
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What is your seating capacity? *
Does your vehicle produce flame or heat of any sort? *
Any flame effects are subject to inspection by our fire and safety teams before use.
If there is firey goodness, please describe.
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Is your vehicle equipped with a fire extinguisher? *
This is only REQUIRED if you have flame effects. Otherwise, it's recommended but not required.
Does your vehicle produce loud noises? *
You will be required to bring your own gels for nighttime driving. *
Do you have a way to tow your vehicle if it gets stuck? *
We will not be responsible getting your vehicle un-stuck. If you do not have a proper way to tow, then you will be responsible for any towing costs.
If you have any pictures, videos, or sketch ups to help give us an idea on what you're working with, please send them to Chris at
Subject: Art Car's name please
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