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Sleep for at least 7 hours?
Exercise with a friend?
Stretch at least 5 minutes?
Post a picture on Bod Squad from a workout you did?
Encourage another person in the challenge?
Eat breakfast today?
Park in back of parking lot and walk to the door?
Avoid comfort or stress eating today?
Do at least 5 minutes of balance exercise today?
Do something for yourself today?
Eat a fruit or veggie today?
Avoid eating any red meats today?
Take it slow and spend at least 20 minutes eating a meal?
Eat at least one meal at your kitchen table?
Go the day without cursing?
Make your bed?
Post a motivational quote on Bod Squad?
Meditate for 5 minutes on a single positive thought?
Walk 15 minutes plus today?
Complete a workout video today?
Avoid eating fast food?
Avoid eating sweets?
Eat a salad or protein for one meal?
Only drink water today?
Drink less than 20oz of a drink other than water?
Log or write down what you ate today?
Do a workout for at least 30 minutes?
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