Case Studies "Requirements for Data Infrastructures from Societal Challenges"
This form aims at collecting storylines/case studies from end-user impacts to data and ICT challenges, as they are being tackled currently in the research community and as they could be tackled in the future with advanced data and ICT platforms.

You may use the following deliverable from e-ROSA to look at examples of Case Studies and their description in pages 12-20:
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Impact Pathways
Feel free to use the following examples for describing your case studies:
1. Crop Yield Forecasting (
2. Agricultural Transformation Towards SDG2 Ending Hunger (
3. Use of Remote Sensing Data in the Development Context (
Provide a short narrative of the impact path for this particular challenge
Please describe the link from main impacts to outcomes to outputs and activities using the Impact Chain Approach
Please provide: Impacts, Long term outcomes, Short term outcomes and Outputs. Use this link to read a short description of the Impact Chain Approach:
End User Groups
Which are the end user groups served by the case study described? These may include but are not limited to: Researchers, policy and decision makers, ministries, agencies, etc.
Role of Research
What role does research play in contributing towards a positive impact?
What scientific challenges need to be addressed to achieve impact? And can they be addressed with current data and ICT facilities?
What are the scientific challenges that limit progress?
Are you aware of any scientific networks that are relevant to the specific challenge?
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