Napoli Operation Support Club (NOSC) Charitable Donation Request Instructions
Napoli Operational Support Club (NOSC) provides funding to command-recognized private organizations. Through the years, our club has used the funds raised to provide scholarships and donations to private organizations which are recognized by NSA Naples. We hope as you prepare your request for a Charitable donation, you realize the effort NOSC and its members have made to assist you with your event. All organizations requesting funding MUST have current legal standing as a NSA Naples organization registered through legal, no exceptions will be made. The Charitable Donations Committee of NOSC is pleased to review donation requests from the NSA Naples community and present them for consideration to the NOSC Board. We carefully consider all requests monthly. The deadline for consideration is the last day of the month for the following month.

Please plan ahead and submit applications as far in advance as possible.
1. Describe the function of the organization or group for which the request is being made.
2. What is the amount of the requested donation? How, if funding is granted, will it be used? Provide the total amount in dollars only. Be specific. If requesting funds for more than one need, please complete a separate applications.Attach any estimates and/or receipts. Apply for only your actual needs, do not overestimate. Funds are limited.
3. A full budget is required for the event, function or request, number of people in attendance, expected ticket price for the event and specifically how the funds from NOSC will be used.
4. NOSC determines the amount of funds distributed case by case per event.
5. NOSC policy states that all request are submitted at least 30 DAYS PRIOR to date that funds are required. Please note that NOSC cannot provide funds for events that have already occurred or purchases that have already been made.
6. Who and how many people will the donation benefit? We are interested in understanding the community impact a NOSC donation would make and the number of people who would be directly affected.
7. What other fundraising activities have been or will be conducted to help cover the costs associated with the request? How much was raised or is anticipated to be raised? Are there additional sources for funding being pursued? It is important for us to understand how active the organization is in obtaining funding. REQUIRED: Itemized breakdown must be submitted with funds request.
8. NOSC requires all organizations which benefit from our efforts to acknowledge donations in any of the following ways: email (at a minimum), and invite additional publicity at the event, program/bulletin recognition, verbal announcements, and/or thank you notes, photos, etc. NOSC Charitable Donations cannot cover: 1) seed money for community organizations to fundraiser, 2) extra money for community organizations to put into savings account, 3) support for individuals, 4) regular budget-line items, 5)fundraising events for non-base charitable purposes, or 6) funds for Italian charitable causes.

In order for us to review a request, the application be thoroughly completed. Please be as specific and detailed as possible. Note: Submission of an incomplete or inaccurate request form could delay review of your request or contribute to the decision to deny it. All applications must be emailed by the last day of the month to be considered.Please email the form to Please allow 30 days for review
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