Personal Safety and Self-Protection Class
This is an ongoing class that will intensely train you in life saving skills including the following areas:

Situation Awareness Development
De-Escalation Strategies
Understanding the Predator Process
Identifying Potentially Abusive Partners
Impact/Edged Weapons - Offensive/Defense
OC Pepper Spray
Firearm Safety
Ground Fighting Tactics
Empty Hands Striking
Workplace Safety
Open to MEN & WOMEN. The drop in fee to participate is $20 per person. Alternating Monday's beginning September 10, 2018.
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I, the undersigned, having agreed that I and/or my child may participate in the “Personal Safety and Self Protection Workshop”. I acknowledge it involves physical activity limited in nature. I further acknowledge that the training is rudimentary and does not provide the proficiency that would be more attainable from our comprehensive Self Protection Course and is dependent on continued practice, the exercise of good judgement and a person’s natural abilities.WAIVER/RELEASE: I am fully aware of the fact that there are special dangers and risks inherent in Martial Arts and Tactical Yard's activities, programs seminars, and workshops, including the risk of serious physical injury, bruises, sprained joints, scratches/cuts, mental duress death or other consequences that may arise or result directly or indirectly from participation such activities and programs. Being fully informed as to these risk and in consideration of being allowed to participate in these activities, I hereby assume all risk of injury, damage and liability arising from such activities or use and hereby release the members, instructors, students, owners of Martial Arts and Tactical Yard and Extreme Fitness Personal Training and waive any right of recovery that I, or any child that I am the parent or guardian of, may have to bring claim or lawsuit against them for any personal injury, death or other consequences occurring out of the voluntary participation in this program.
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