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GIVE Data Hub hosts hundreds of genomic data sources for public use, such as data from ENCODE project. We welcome users to share their valuable data to public through GIVE Data Hub. After submitting your metadata, the administrators will evaluate whether the data is suitable to submit to GIVE Data Hub.
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Accession number(s)
If your data have been published and included in public data repositories, please indicate the accession number(s) and corresponding database here. e.g. GEO Accession Number
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This is used to group tracks together via some commonalities (for example, tracks serving the same purpose, from the same project, etc.).
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Please use letters, numbers, and underscores ("_") only
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The number of tracks means the number of files you want to submit.
Meta information *
Input the meta information of all your tracks here. Each track should occupy exactly one line. Additional metadata can be included at the end of line. Write in the format "<track ID>; <type>; <short label>; <description>; <data type>; <cell line>; <lab name>; [[<additional tag1> =] <additional value1>]; ...". For example, "wgEncodeEH000667; bigwig; c-Jun (K562); ChIP Sequencing data with c-Jun for K562 (cell type); ChipSeq (c-Jun); K562; Yale". Use quotes if necessary.
URL(s) for the data file(s) *
Please add the URL(s) for your data file(s) here. If your data is not available on a public server and would like us to host, please let us know here and we'll contact you about how to get your data.
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