2017 HBC Senior - Premier Netball Team Registration

ON-LINE REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE OFF ON 31 March 2017 and Individual Registrations will open the next morning.

Check that you have the following to ensure completion:

Name of Club/Team Name (one registration is required per team).
Grade of team.
Club/Team Delegate, including their email and phone number.
Team Umpire, including their email and phone number.
Coach/Manager, including their email and phone number.
Team Registration Billing account contact & address where the account is to be sent.

Please click send at the bottom of this form to complete the registration.

Upon receipt of your registration, a confirmation email will be sent within two days.

If you are wishing to register a player you need to complete the individual registration form after 1 April 2017.

    Representative Player Registration

    Please advise your team members we will be watching players who wish to trial for Reps on the first day of play. Before the first day, players need to register online and receive a registration number. See the rep page on the website. These numbers need to be marked on both legs and arms for the first day of play and all subsequent trials.