2021 Junior Touch - Coaching Application for both Weekly Competitions and Representative (JSC)
Coaching Application for Caboolture Touch Association (CTA) Junior Touch Teams 2021 - This includes both Monday Night Competition and our Junior Representative Teams.

Guiding Principles for Monday Night Competition.
1) Participation in the Sport for both players, coaches and referees.
2) Develop / Improve ability of players, referees and coaches.
3) Provide a platform(s) for players to compete more effectively at JSC and Junior Regionals.

A requirement of the Junior Coaching roles is to attend the CTA Academy sessions in early 2021 to work with the Coaching & Technical group. Representative Coaching Positions will be decided after these Academy sessions.

CTA expectations are our coaches commit to academy sessions.
Academy dates:
11/01/2021 Monday Afternoon Academy.
18/01/2021 Monday Afternoon Academy
25/01/2021 Monday Afternoon Academy
Monday night junior competition starts 08/02/2021.

All Applicants MUST read and complete the CTA Coaching Staff Code of Conduct http://www.caboolturetouch.org/uploads/1/3/1/5/131526406/cta_coaching_staff_code_of_conduct.pdf

All Applicants MUST show their Blue Card to Administration, a copy of the Blue Card will be kept on file at Caboolture Touch for the duration of their association with the Club.
(Please see the office for more information if required)
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