MHTV Music Request
"So tell me what ya want. What ya really, REALLY want!" - Spice Girls

Do you have a song that you're dying to hear on our #MHTVNews show? If so, let us know and we will try our very best to add it to our playlist!

But before you submit this request, please check the lyrics. Clean lyrics of explicit songs will not be played. Songs that are overtly sexual, disrespectful to women, men, or any group will not be played. Songs that glorify or promote violence or guns will not be played. Songs that refer to drugs, alcohol, or any illegal substances will not be played. Songs that talk about suicide or really depressing stuff will not be played. There's enough bad and sad things out there in the world, so here at Murray Hill Middle School, we prefer to play, embrace, and promote upbeat and positive things and songs. Yes, that means stuff like unicorns, glitter, rainbows, care bears, little ponies, sports, dancing, swishy fun, puppies, kittens, and K-Pop. Still not sure? Would you sing this song out loud in the car with your Grandma? Thanks for understanding!

Fill out as much of this information as you can below and we will do our best.

We're asking for your real name - but rest assured, this info WILL NEVER be published - we just have to make sure you're a Murray Hiller & not a silly spammer. Plus, we may have a question about the song we can track you down.

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