ConMUN 2021 Complaint Report
We are deeply sorry that you feel it necessary to report a complaint. Please know that we will be taking any complaints extremely seriously, and try our best to resolve any issues you are experiencing. This form is for delegates, dais, or anyone else to report issues to the Upper-Secretariat before, after or during ConMUN 2021.

This form is only accessible to our Secretary General: Alexi Dubois (, our Director General: David Esteban Muñoz Beltran ( and our Chargée d'Affaires: Shaina Willison ( The latter two are serving as our dedicated Equity Officers for ConMUN 2021. If your complaint happens to be about one of the three aforementioned people and you do not want that individual to see your complaint, please use one of emails provided as a main point of contact for your complaint.

Please note that you may fill out this form completely anonymously. If you chose to remain anonymous, we will not make any effort to identify you. The only required questions contain no identifying information. Please feel free to answer however many or few questions you want to.

If you rather speak directly to a member of the secretariat, please join the breakout room entitled "Report an Issue" or contact one of our Equity Officers directly. A Secretariat member will continuously be on hand in that room to address any concerns throughout the conference.
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