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In order for your registration to be successful, you need to submit your transcript by e-mail at and have an A- (8) or higher in the class(es) you wish to tutor. TAC is creating this database to help its members have access to resources promoting academic success. We do not guarantee you tutoring hours. We only aim to serve as a connection between students and tutors.

Please note that your transcripts will only be used to confirm the grade that was attributed to you in the class you wish to tutor. We will delete your transcripts after such confirmation and only the executive members of TAC will have access to the information.

By registering, you allow us to share your contact information to our members when asked.

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Mention a range in $ that you would charge per hour. We do not have any rules pertaining to the amount, it is under your discretion. This range will be shared with students inquiring for tutors. We suggest somewhere between $20-$30, as this is the average for university level tutoring; however, you are welcome to put whichever range you deem fit.
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You will not be advertised as a tutor to any students looking for tutors unless you have submitted your transcript to us, so please do not forget to complete this crucial step!
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