Rich's Logo Design Questionnaire
This is our logo design questionnaire which will greatly aid our designer, Rich, in crafting a logo that represents your business or organization well. Please be as thorough as possible in answering all the questions below.
Email address *
What is the exact name of your Business/Organization that is to be incorporated into the Logo/Brand? *
Will there be any additional text in the logo design itself? *
i.e. Slogan, Tagline, Website
What type of product or service do you offer? *
How would you briefly (in a single phrase) describe your business? *
i.e. elevator pitch or 30 second infomercial
Who are your three top competitors? *
Please include websites (i.e.
What/Who is your target market/demographic? Who does your company appeal to? *
What are examples of a few logos that you LIKE? Why? *
Please provide links to website or images online (i.e.
What are examples of a few logos that you DISLIKE? Why? *
Please provide links to website or images online (i.e.
What are few words that should describe your logo? *
Do you currently have any ideas in mind for your logo design? *
Please be as descriptive and specific as you are able
What is your preferred typography?
i.e. heavy, light, modern, classic, handwritten, etc.
Is there an icon or particular graphic you would like to see incorporated into your logo?
i.e. tree, man walking, character, dog, house, etc.
If you would like an icon or graphic incorporated, do you have any thoughts on style?
i.e. simplistic, abstract, illustrative, detailed, wordmark, etc.
Do you have a desired color pallet or color feel in mind? *
Are there any colors we should avoid?
Is there any other important information you would like to mention?
Do you have a deadline/desired date of completion? *
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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