Questionnaire for Potential Seed Growers
If you are interested in growing seeds for Nature & Nurture Seeds, please fill out this survey. The information provided in the survey will help us to figure out how we can best work together. There are no right and wrong answers to these questions. Thank you!
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Soil type
Is there irrigation for your crops?
Do you have the ability to start seeds inside?
Do you use organic growing practices?
How long have you been farming/gardening? *
How long have you been growing seeds? *
Please list any agricultural/horticultural education (including working on farms, apprenticeships & internships) - this question is NOT required
What are the predominant vegetation types of your neighbors? *
What size is the area that you farm/garden? *
# of years growing in current location *
Approx acreage (or square feet) available for seed production *
Is your farm certified organic? (if yes list your organic certifier; if no please provide methods that you use for fertility, weed and pest control) *
What types of crops/vegetation are growing on your farm? *
Which crops do well for you? *
Which crops grow poorly for you? *
Which seed crops do you want to grow? *
Check off all of the following which apply: *
Please tell us a little bit about what you do now, what you would like to do, and why you want to grow seeds for Nature & Nurture Seeds. *
Please tell us how you would identify, monitor for and control disease problems, *
How would you rogue off types and ensure a quality seed product? *
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