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We got accepted to 2022 Burning Man Honoraria!

Rising 30 feet from the playa, Sirsasana is a whimsical inverted tree with its roots reaching for the sky. Its trunk is interwoven wooden arcs based on the golden ratio that form a hyperboloid. The tree's canopy spreads out on the playa floor with openings that invite participants to explore its intricate inner geometry. Sirsasana represents the ability to re-learn one's own nature, the ability to change, to create new perspectives. It was born from a thought experiment that if a human can do Vrksasana, the tree pose in yoga, then can a tree do Sirsasana, a human-centric headstand pose? Sirsasana's beautiful radiating geometry will be covered leaf to roots with sentimental details to explore from Srikanth's childhood home of Hyderabad.

We're looking for volunteers with varying skills and interests to help us complete this project. Volunteering will kick off around May 1st~ and there will be opportunities for weekdays, weeknights and weekend opportunities.
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