1:1 Pronunciation Coaching Program - November 2022 Enrollment
Thank you for your interest in the 1:1 Pronunciation Coaching Program! Please fill out this form only if you are seriously considering joining the program.

This is a premium, high-level, high-touch experience intended for high achievers who are serious about improving their pronunciation and want customized feedback from a trained pronunciation coach.

Upon receiving your application, I will be reaching out via email to schedule a discovery call. During this call, we will chat about your English pronunciation goals and how I can help you.

 4 months, starting early November 2022. 

This program is for you, if:
→ You are an advanced Non Native English speaker who is interested in learning more about the American accent
→ You want a pronunciation program that focuses on speaking because you've listened to enough online lessons at this point. You are ready to take action and implement in order to see the results that you want.
→ You are a high achiever who is proud of what you have accomplished thus far in your life and career (and you still have more exciting things to pursue!)
→ You are already working with or will be working with American colleagues and/or clients soon
→ You are interested in learning more about the American accent (because you work with colleagues or clients who are American) but you want to learn it in a way that doesn't involve watching YouTube videos over and over again without progress
→ You want to become a strong communicator even during high pressure situations
→ You have ambitious goals and know that improving your American English pronunciation will help you advance your career and be respected by your colleagues
→ You want to feel confident in the way you sound... even if you are the only non native English speaker in the room

→ 4 months of weekly 1:1 zoom calls
 Weekly (and practical) assignments for you to implement and see improvement on your pronunciation
 Ongoing pronunciation feedback from Kristina
 A highly customized pronunciation program and worksheets for your specific needs
 *new* Live trainings for all clients on the following topics (dates TBD):

     ‣ Speaking English with Confidence Even During High Pressure Situations

     ‣ Rhythm, Voice, and Intonation: How it Works, Why it Matters, & What You Can Do To Change It

→ No longer feel like you sound unnatural when you speak to your American peers and/or clients
→ Major confidence in your ability to speak with American colleagues and clients
→ Ability to express yourself in high pressure situations, even if you are the only non native English speaker in the room

 $2,500 USD or 3x $900 USD

 The last day to apply for this program is November 10, 2022. 

▶️ Watch The "Do You Really Need to Get Rid of Your Accent?" video 

For more information, visit:
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I use and am trained under The Accent Channel Method to help students improve their pronunciation.

We train your ear to recognize the sounds, your mouth to produce the sounds, and your brain to turn this into an automatic habit and result in permanent change to your pronunciation if you commit to consistent practice. 

It's not magic, but if you're willing to do 10 minutes of work a day, you will see results. Are you willing to implement the activities inside of this program?
The Investment of this program is a one-time payment of $2,500 USD or 3x $900 USD. Are you aware of the investment? *
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