ERF Talks -- Feedback and Lottery Form
The Extensive Reading Foundation would love to hear from the participants about today's Extensive Reading workshops.

The ER Foundation and IERA are sponsoring a lottery to win up to IDR1,000,000 in books for the extensive reading program at your school. A selection of books matching the level mentioned on the form will be sent to each winner. Each school will receive just one chance to win a prize although everyone is encouraged to fill out this form.

To participate in the lottery, please provide feedback on the talks/workshops that you attended and provide the requested information below. The winners will be announced on September 20, 2018 on the Extensive Reading Foundation website ( The winners will also be contacted directly at the email address provided on this form.

For more information about Extensive Reading and the Indonesian Extensive Reading Association, please visit the ERF website or Your email address will only be used to provide information about ER events. It will not be given to any other organization or company.

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If you have questions about Extensive Reading, please ask here. We will provide answers to common questions on the Indonesian Extensive Reading Association Facebook page.
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