Send Scrumpy an anonymous message.
Want to say something to me but don't want me knowing it was you that said it?
Yeah so now you can.

I'll read the responses on here every few days, you can post anything here.
Be it a compliment, a thing that you liked, something you hate, a rant about something, your love for space- literally anything.

The main goal of this is so that people who have issues with me, be them personal or whatnot can let me know about them without me knowing it was them. However, I know that's only a small percentage of people so I'm allowing all messages, positive, negative & neutral.

I *enjoy* people giving me feedback, I *want* people to give me feedback. But people are scared of me & I want to change that.

Trust me, I find life much easier when I get along with people; So please, allow me to do that.
Note: 29/08/2020
There are so many wholesome messages here!
I’ve noticed a few people have been saying they miss me, or that they want to talk more; if you post something like that, make sure to include your name so I can message you <3
Note: 20/09/2020
If you have issues with me, make sure to say what the issues are rather than just "I have issues with you".
The purpose of this is so that i can fix the issues smh smh
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