Asmadi Games Convention Support + Reviewer Game Request Form!
Hello!  You are a game reviewer, or a convention, or possibly a curious alien, and you want a free copy of one or more of our games.  We might be able to do this, if you answer a few short questions about why we should do this!
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Who are you? *
What's the best email to reach you at, in regard to this request? *
What organization/podcast/game night/weird collective do you represent?
What games would you like?  Please be specific. *
If you're a convention, "Send us the Playtest series," or "We have serious gamers who would enjoy Impulse" is more helpful than "any games you can spare!!!1"
Why should we send you these games? *
Describing the size of your convention, viewership of your podcast/youtube channel would be good here!
Where should the games be sent? *
Are there any special requirements or requests?
Time sensitive dates, special packaging, etc
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