Maryland Families for Safe Birth Online Auction 2020 Donations
Our fundraiser this year will be an online auction held November 23-29, 2020, a great time for holiday shopping!

We need to replace funds we lost due to the cancellation of this year's Baltimore Birth Festival. These funds are needed to pay our lobbyist, who is helping us propose a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) access bill in the upcoming legislative session.

We are in need of donated goods and services for this event, with a deadline of November 7 for delivery of physical goods to MFSB. Our target audience includes pregnant individuals and families with young children, but items or services donated can appeal to anyone, as we are spreading the word widely to reach many bidders! Donations must be stand-alone goods or services that do not require a purchase. (No discounts or coupons only, please.) We request services be redeemable for 1 year from the winning bid date. Donations are *not* tax deductible, as we are a 501(c)(4). Please complete this form to let us know how you can help. Thank you for your on-going support!

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