SBC Library Membership Application Form 新加坡神学院图书馆会员申请表格
Membership Particulars 会员详情
Type of membership 会员类别 *
Program/course 课程
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Date of completion of program or course 课程结束日期
Applicant's Particulars 申请者详情
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Contact number 联络号码 *
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Personal Data Collection Statement 个人资料收集声明
The personal data collected by SBC Library will be solely used for the application of SBC Library Membership. You may, at any time, withdraw consent, access or correct your personal data by writing to the SBC Data Protection Officer, Singapore Bible College, 9-15 Adam Road, Singapore 289886 or email to Withdrawing such consent will in effect terminate your library membership.

收集您个人资料是申请成为新加坡神学院图书馆会员的程序。您可在任何时间写信或电邮通知我们的Data Protection Officer, 要求撤销同意或获取或修正您的个人资料。一旦收到您的通知, 您的会籍将会被終止。
Declaration and authorisation 声明与授权
I certify that the information given in this form is true and complete and I have not withheld any material information. I confirm that I understand and agree to the Personal Data Collection Statement.

我证明我在这表格上填写的一切资料是准确无误, 也沒有隐瞒其它的资料。我清楚並且愿意接受个人资料收集声明。

I also agree to abide by the following conditions: 我也同意遵守以下的规则:

1. I shall abide by the rules and regulations set out in the Library User Guide.
2. All books borrowed are subject to recall. I shall return them promptly when notified.
3. I shall undertake to pay all overdue fines promptly. 我会即时缴清罚款。
4. I will inform the library if I have changed my email address & telephone number.
若有更改邮址或电话号码, 我会立即通知图书馆。
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