BF'19 Community Vending Appl. Form
Community vending is included free of charge with the price of admission to anyone that wishes to sell homemade, handcrafted items (no food, retail, Cannabis products, etc.) in our communal marketplace. It takes place under a large tent with options to setup on some provided tables or on a blanket/tapestry, which you'll need to bring.

There is no need to sign up - outside of submitting this application - as spots will become available as people come and go, but it is first come, first serve with no limits on how long anyone can stay during operating hours - as long as their area remains attended. There will be roughly 40 spots at max capacity and space will be limited.

You may only sell one (1) type of item at a time (i.e., a shirt, necklace, ring, hat, hat pin, button, etc.), but you can have a number of variations with that type of the item (e.g., different styles or colors).

Please be aware that this is a privilege for people that can't afford a vendor booth and all items will be need to be approved by a community vending supervisor prior to sale. Unauthorized vending outside of these guidelines is not permitted and will be strictly enforced. Sale of any approved items may also be stopped at any time, at the discretion of the community vending supervisor (e.g., if they're deemed to pose any danger to anyone).

Once you submit this application, you should receive a confirmation email fairly quickly, assuming we don't have any further questions about your items or anything else. Your name will then be added to the list of people permitted to setup in the community vending area.

Application for limited paid food/craft vendor spots can be found here:

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